- Dubrovnik Riviera


Possibly the most famous destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik is referred to as the jewel of the Adriatic. Retaining its status as the most important Mediterranean port from 13th century onwards, rich merchants have left the city adorned with magnificent Gothic renaissance and Baroque buildings. 

Our guided walk through the Old town of Dubrovnik starts at the well known landmark of Onofrio's fountain, which has provided the city with fresh water for centuries. We then see the Old Port - once the key of Dubrovnik's trading and maritime success. En route are the St Saviours and Grandiose Franciscan churches. Walking along the walls encircling the Old Town gives a wonderful view of the whole town, providing fantastic photo opportunities. The cable car ride to mount Srd gives a breathtaking view of the Old Town and the Elphiti islands.

The Trestno Botanical gardens overlooking the island of Lopud are also worth a visit, as they boast beautifully preserved architecture from the Gothic-Renaissance period including a summer manor, aqueduct and baroque fountain.

The five Renaissance chapels close by contain paintings by some of world's most famous artists. The Elphiti islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan offer adventure and water sport opportunities. Your base for this holiday will be the island of Lopud, a hidden gem on the Mediterranean coasliine.


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